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  Triple Bridge Square: Cool building in triple bridge square.  The yellow building on the left has a stone portrait of Juliet, from the play. Good morning Ljubljana: We sat down for a drink upon arrival in Ljubljana. Train Station: Train station in Ljubljana Amenities: Included in the train fare is a free toothbrush and toothpaste!  (Not to mention chocolates) Church: Beautiful church in square with the triple bridge, in the middle of Ljubljana.  

  Our room: Our room on the overnight train to Ljubljana Leslie on train: Leslie on overnight train to Ljubljana Mike and Leslie on Lindenhof Mother and Daughter View of the Zürisee from Ütliberg  

  Mike with binoculars, retake Cozy honeys Mike with binoculars: Mike with binoculars (and glasses) Emily and Leslie on Ütliberg View from Ütliberg  

  Ljubljanica Ljubljanica River Tour guide: Our tour guide gives us an overview of the city layout. Dragon Bridge: This dragon, and his forked tongue in particular, symbolizes the pernicious effects of the mother-in-law, according to our tour guide. Train: This train carries people to the castle above the city.  

  Door of church Church interior Ljubljanica River Famous Poet and his Muse: This sculpture depicts a renowned Slovenian poet, though I can't remember his name.  The woman behind him is supposed to be his muse.  Interestingly, she had to leave town after the sculpture was made because of the controversy her bare breasts.  She moved to the U.S. Juliet: Sculpture of Juliet  

  Castle: Ljubljana Castle towers over the city below. Riverside Two elegant ladies: "Two ladies...and I'm the only man, yeah!" Courtyard Us by river  

  Mighty dragon Bread: Delicious walnut bread which Mike bought in the flea market.  It was similar to a recipe his grandmother used to make. Mother and Daughter, recap: Emily and Leslie on the train up to the castle. No comment Panoramic View of City  

  Red Church from triple bridge square: Does this look familiar?  If not, please review earlier slides and report back. City Overview: Red roofs of the old city, flanked by the "red" apartment blocks in the background. Dizzy Heights: Dizzying Heights of the castle tower. Dragon: The symbol of Ljubljana. Us  

  Them Statue: Statue honoring peasant rebellion. Church, again: You really should know this church by now. Restaurant: Where we ate delicious dinner.  If you are ever in Ljubljana, give it a try!  You can see the address, even. Hotel: Interior of our hotel in Ljubljana.  

  Train: Train to Budapest.  It took 8 hours, during which we amused ourselves by taking pictures from the window.  Luckily for you, we chose not to put most of those online... Us again: Who are these people? Them again: Very comfortable seats. Deep thoughts: Picture of Emily and Niko, pondering, no doubt, the great expanse of history and culture that is Eastern Europe. Flowing Stream: Some of the pictures we took from the train were quite lovely, like this one.  

  Green Mountains Cute couple Sunflower Field Communist housing Lego blocks: No, wait, those are more apartment buildings.  

  Budapest Square Statue in Budapest Hero Square: This Square is a monument to the Hungarian's Magyar ancestors.  It was built on the thousand year anniversary of their conquest. Military March: In Hero Square, we saw a practice for the officer graduation ceremony. Hero Square  

  Cars Andrassy Street: Beautiful house along Budapest's chic street. Hotel Room: Emily's parents' hotel room in Budapest. Building near our hotel Emily points out the Dog Box: "Why don't they have more of these in France?" she asked.  

  Hotel exterior: The exterior of our hotel.  Looks cheery, doesn't it? Emily in hotel: I thought this wall was so ugly we had to take a picture of Emily next to it. Hungarian Flea Market: We took a million-and-one sketchy busses half way across town to go to this Hungarian flea market, where we bargained in German.  There were many beautiful antiques but we ended up buying a pepper grinder.  It seemed more appropriate somehow. Us in flea market Emily gets water: Just like this old village woman did, many years ago.  

  Big statue: Emily's father helpfully highlights this monument to the Soviet liberators from WWII. Mike and Gun: No explanation necessary. Close-up of Mike and Gun Breakfast: Our hotel had a wonderful breakfast buffet.  But wait till you see the room it was served in! (next photo) Walls of breakfast room: Dead animals greeted you in the morning as you drank their rather watery coffee and munched on bread and cheese.  And goulash.  

  Ornate breakfast door: Emily's mom took this picture.  She likes doors. Courtyard: irgendwo in Budapest. Budapest Opera House: We think this is the Opera House.  If not, well, it's pretty anyway. Public Baths: Sadly we never went in to these ornate public baths, remnants of Turkish occupation. Danube River: A river runs through it.  

  Big leaf lady: Another monument to the soviet liberators, this big lady holds a leaf. Danube view from leafy lady: Another view of the danube river.  This is what the leafy lady looks at all day. Parliament Building: Not too shabby. St. Stephen's Basilica  

  Basilica Dome: The inside of St. Stephen's Basilica. Statue from Basilica: I really liked this statue. Basilica Altar Opera house: Budapest's Opera house. Statues by doors: This kind of random beauty assaults you all the time as you walk around here.  Apparently they built many of these beautiful facades in celebration of the 1000 year anniversary of the Magyar conquest.  

  Café Gerbeaud: This famous café is where  Elizabeth, Queen of Austria-Hungary, used to hang out.  It was the only decent coffee we had on the trip. It is modeled after Viennese cafes. Emily Niko Cake and coffee: This is what we got at the cafe.  Tasty. Some pretty building  

  Arty shot: Cool Statue of little boy and river/castle behind Café Gerbeaud exterior Kaleti Train Station: Bye bye Budapest Train picture en route to Bratislava Another train picture en route to Bratislava  

  Hotel courtyard: The courtyard of our hotel in Bratislava. Slovakian Tram Bratislava: Bratislava is the little known capital of Slovakia, where Emily's father's family came from. Primate Palace: They called this building the "Primate Palace".  I don't think there were any monkeys there. Inside the Primate Palace  

  Old Town hall Pretty Bratislava square: Who is that handsome guy taking a photo? Greek Embassy Bratislava's Main Drag: They had cool suspended statues along this happening little street. Distance meter: This circle points out the location and distance of various cities around the globe.  

  Novy Most bridge: The communists tore down a large percentage of the historic old town to build this bridge across the river.  It connects the vast housing complex on the opposite side with the old town and bulk of Bratislava. Mike contemplates Niko and Emily along the Danube Building Old City Hall  

  Cool Dragon: We found this critter inside the old city hall. Old City Hall: Check out the cool gables. Bratislava Square Tightrope Walker: A tightrope walker, suspended in front of St. Michael's Gate, one of the remants of the old city walls. St. Michael's Gate: St. Michael's Gate is the tower directly ahead.  We climbed up inside and were able to see out from the balcony below the clock face.  Inside there is a museum featuring arms and armor, and other historical information.  

  Emily and Leslie View from St. Michael's Gate: Views over the old city from the gate we showed you earlier. Bratislava Castle: The Bratislava Castle as seen from St. Michael's Gate. Novy Most Bridge, as seen from St. Michael's Gate: You can see the concrete jungle in the horizon.  It is called Petrzlka, and is the most dense communist housing project in all of Europe. Old town  

  Dragon Spout Little door Funky old building Interesting historical plaque: Made us want to learn more about Eastern European history. Rudnayovo Square in Bratislava  

  Bratislava Coat of Arms Cumil, the manhole statue: Emily crouches by Cumil, the famous manhole statue. Cumil, Man at Work: They had to erect this sign because careless drivers kept hitting poor Cumil. Corn Husk Dolls: Corn husk dolls are a traditional folk art. Hotel Exterior: We recommened this hotel --- it was run by a very nice family.  

  Museum of Music: This is the interior of the Music Museum in the Bratislava castle. This panorama was constructed from photos on St. Michael's Gate. Neat little gollum state. Funny faces  

  Hotel lobby Hotel staircase Petrzlka: A view of the Novy Most bridge and the concrete jungle of Petrzlka.  This used to be a beautiful forest, before it was torn down. Lacika family: You can get some feel for how the Petrzlka area must have looked when it was a forest from the view behind them. Courtyard and Danube  

  Leslie takes a break Slovak princess Shakespeare in Slovak: There are Shakespeare performances in the castle courtyard over the summer Emily and Niko Statue of St Elizabeth  

  Inscription telling about St Elizabeth the "blue" Danube and Europe's largest communist housing block steps down from the castle Remnants of Old Town walls Advertisement for Modern Art museum  

  painting of pre-Industrial Bratislava city coat of arms Is Niko asleep behind those sunglasses? one-man band the one-meter house: This house is literally one meter wide, as you can see in the photo  

  hot humids days are always better with the local brew Unexpected downpour pretty blue building exterior to Bratislava's main train station train station interior  

  No English?: First time Emily ever saw no English translation on a train in Europe. On this train, we had Slovak, Russian, German, French and Italian Rusty old Czech trains subway in Prague: The Soviets designed the subway system in Prague. One false move on these really steep escalators and you're a goner hotel in Prague It used to be part of  church  

  The Charles Bridge, Prague's most famous landmark pretty Prague city coat of arms Czech guards at the entrance to Prague Castle View of city from the castle entrance  

  within the castle walls, back of St Vitus Cathedral on the side of a church inside the cathedral we made it to the top!: We climbed over 200 stairs to get to the top of St Vitus Cathedral The view looking straight down  

  flying buttress the steeple View of Prague from the Cathedral Another panorama from the cathedral the Vlatva River  

  Vladislav Hall in the Old Royal Palaca  

  another shot of the hall Golden Lane: Tradesmen used to live in these houses now it's overrun with strolling tourists Art Nouveau Building More Art Nouveau  

  So they really like Art Nouveau in Prague Wenceslas Square Another extremely steep subway escalator Dinnertime! The Charles Bridge at Sunset  

  You can see the Castle in the background Ahoj Niko and Emily  

  The Bridge at 7AM: The only way to see the Charles Bridge without tourists is to go really early in the AM Early morning castle  

  Entrance to the Bridge Jan Hus monument More Art Nouveau astronomical clock So Kafka grew up here  

  Hebrew clock in Jewish quarter Synagogue next to the clock Inside Prague train station Journal writing on the night train Night train  

  Mac pin-up girls Dinner at a Zurich Biergarten Dancing in the Biergarten Hoi zaeme! Swing dancing Swiss style  

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