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  view from our hotel room view of castle from our hotel pristine green color of the lake  

  castle on a cliff: as seen from the boat ride to the island on the island: you can see the "pletnas"-the row boats that take to the island-in the background Church on the Island: If you make a wish while ringing the church bell, your wish is supposed to come true. Not surprising that the bells are constantly ringing Following local tradition: If a husband carries his wife up the 98 stairs that lead to the church, then the couple is supposed to have a very happy marriage!  

  Bled, as seen from the island view of castle and Bled from the island Did Niko succeed in carrying his wife up the stairs? Hmm... they seem happy another view of the castle  

  Magical Island Island and castle together in one shot! Check out their backsides We walked the entire circumference of the lake  

  side view The infamous 98 steps Lily pads, anyone? coffee in the shadow of the castle  

  we climbed to the top of the castle the castle had a great view Imagine this as your bedroom view enjoying Sept sunshine  

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