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  Leonardo Santagado: PyPy Sprinter from Brazil; he was working on the Javascript interpreter. Christian's Birthday Party: Photos of table-full of sprinters celebrating Christian's birthday. More Birthday Leonardo with beer: Lots of beer. Düsseldorf Park: I went for a walk through this lovely park near my hotel.  

  Tree and box: I like this beautiful tree, contrasted with that ugly, graffiti-covered piece metal box. Fall colors: The leaves were beautiful. Walking people: The underside of this bridge was decorated with these drawings of people enjoying themselves... Stealing people?: The bridge was also decorated with this rather depressing picture of a mugger taking a woman's purse, while a bored onlooker casually glances over.  Very nice. That's my name.: I didn't carve it though.  

  Gnarled old tree. Pond. Restaurant.  

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