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  Just after Mom got here. Zu?rich's Train Angel: The Angel that guards Zürich's train travelers.  Or whoever she is... Brave Warrioress #1: This statue commemorates the women who in 1292 saved Zürich from invaders.  The men of the city had nearly all been killed, so the women strapped on their swords and took to the ramparts, successfully frightening off the invaders with this show of strength. Brave Warrioress #2: Another shot of the same statue. Lindenhof: Atop the old Roman fortress of Lindenhof.  

  Crooked roofs: View from Lindenhof --- Mom really liked the crooked roof of the building on the left. ETH: A view across the river of ETH, my school.  ETH is the building with the dome at the top of the photo. Chess: Old men playing chess atop Lindenhof. Biggest clock: Zürich's Fraumunster boasts the largest clock face in Europe, bigger than Big Ben. Warrior Women: The warrior women who saved the city, commemorated in painting.  

  Pretty House: A pretty house where Göthe once stayed, along with Lavater.  One thing you will quickly find in Zürich is that Göthe slept in a lot of places... Lindt chocolate factory: The Lindt chocolate factory, where we took mom to pick up tasty chocolates, direct from the source! Lenin's Residence: Mom points out the building where Lenin lived from 1916 until 1917. Nice door: Me and Mom posing by a pretty door she liked. Whale!: Decoration from the door of Zürich's famous Grossmunster church.  

  Another door panel: Another door panel from Grossmunster. Charlemagne: Statue of Charlemagne that used to adorn the Grossmunster church; it is now stored in the Church's vault, and a replica is in its place outside. Emily and I, flanked by the Fraumunster church. Make food not war: This panel depicts a would-be battle between the Catholic city of Bern and the Protestants of Zürich: my understanding is that while the soldiers were ordered to fight, it never happened, and instead both sides made food and held a party, probably to their leaders' chagrin. Panel: This also depicts something from Zürich history, but I am not sure what.  

  Limmat River: A view across the Limmat river. Nice building: Emily and mom thought this was pretty, so we took a picture. View from our window morning after mom arrived View from our hostel: This was the view that greeted us on our first morning in Lauterbrunnen, looking out from the porch of our hostel. Mom Enjoys Coffee: Of course, we started our hike out with coffee.  

  View from train: View from train on our way up the mountain. Me: Me gazing out the window. Lauterbrunnen #1: We hiked from Wengenalp to Kleine Scheidegg, not too long as the crow flies but up-hill.  It took us forever because weree constantly stopping to take in views like this one!  

  Lake and reflection: We encountered a small pool of water, and mom climbed up a hill to get this shot of the reflection. Reflection 2: Another shot of the pool of water. Reflection 3: Okay, one more shot of the pool of water, this time by me. Craggy Peaks: Craggy peaks, and reflection from water below.  You can see it was misty. Transition of Mountain to Land: The snow dissolves into the land below.  

  Yawn: Mom catches me yawning. Smile: That's better Fortress Rocks: Mom liked how the rocks resembled fortress walls. Fortress like rock  

  Beautiful mountains Striped hillside Wengen: View from Wengen.  I took this while mom was drawing.  I had just drunk coffee and was feeling rather hyper... On the walk: As we hiked alongside this mountain range fro an hour or two, I felt we had become friends with it in some way. View from the peak: At the peak of Jungfraujoch, you can see all the way to the Black Forest in Germany on a clear day like this one.  

  Mom takes a picture Slippery: I fell on the snow... Glacier It's cold Mom with glacier  

  Me with glacier Crows: Beautiful crows that frequent Jungfraujoch. Jungfraujoch View: This view is incredible to me because the last time I was on Jungfraujoch, exactly one year ago, this mountain was covered in snow, and the ground was covered with thick clouds.  It was much warmer this year, though at the top you could hardly tell the difference. Glacier tongue: You can see the last extent of the glacier, creeping out along the mountain edge.  

  ...and Mom's arm! Crow perched on wire Dragon Spine: This mountain range resembles the spine of a dragon to me. Craggy peak Mom and the Dragon  

  Us together: We didn't get many shots of us together, but here is a nice one! Misty view: The view from our hostel the second morning --- very misty! Our Hostel Our Hostel and Me: Me and our hostel. Fälle: The valley of Lauterbrunnen is famous for its many incandenscent water falls, formed by melting glacier ice.  

  Lauterbrunnen: Another shot of Lauterbrunnen Waterfall: One of the many waterfalls we saw. Valley floor: We walked for hours along the valley floor, with these towering mountain giants on either side. Valley floor 2 Valley floor 3  

  Cute house: A cute Swiss farmer's house. Clouds so low you could touch them: When you are this high in the mountains, the clouds don't look so far away. Thicket of woods: The base of the mountain was lined with a thin line of forest like this one. Mürren: The second day we walked down from Mürren to Gimmelwald.  This is across the rooftops of Mürren. Mürren  

  Mountain hut En Route to Gimmelwald: Mom poses with the hi-tech Swiss Nordic walking stick we bought for her (it was on sale!).  You're supposed to have two, but she did very well with just one. View en route to Gimmelwald: Still walking to Gimmelwald. Mountain descends to the Valley: Here you can see how high up we are from the valley floor we were walking on earlier. Swiss alpine road: still en route from Mürren to Gimmelwald  

  Mountain side Fruit tree: Mom liked these trees; we saw many over Switzerland Christmas trees: So beautiful.  It had only snowed last night. Mountain stream.: Not pictured: the big ugly orange sign warning drivers coming round the bend. Look back at Mürren: Mid-way, we glanced back at Mürren, the town we left from.  It looks so far away now.  

  Ponies!: We found some ponies at a farm along the way. Advancing Army of Trees: I like the way these trees look like they are in motion. Alpine Bench: There were many such benches, made from big logs. Telephone?  Or Shower?: Very strange shower stall we found outside a hostel in Gimmelwald. Store: Little store where we stopped to buy cheese and bread.  As is common in some parts of Switzerland, there was no cashier --- or anyone at all!  The good were labeled with their prices, and there was a box of money for you to make change from.  

  Waiting for the bus blues: We had to wait a while for the bus from Gimmelwald; it was getting late, so we didn't have time to walk anymore.  I played some harmonica to pass the time. Schaffhausen Statue: A statue from the old town of Schaffhausen. Schaffhausen clock Schaffhausen coffee: This brilliant café included blankets for their outdoor patrons! Haus zum Ritter: A beautiful house decorated with mythological figures, known as the "House of the Knight" in German.  

  Perseus and the Minotaur: From the Haus zum Ritter. David and Goliath: A statue of David and Goliath, given to Schaffhausen from Zürich as a symbol of support when Schaffhausen was bombed by allied forces in WWII. Me in arch Mom likes caves Banks of the Rhein river: We walked down this river to the Rheinfall, largest waterfall in Europe.  

  Willow tree on the Rhein Rheinfall: The Rheinfall, largest waterfall in Europe, and Schloss Laufen, the castle perched by its side.  The glare is strong in this photo, but I like it somehow. View of the castle and waterfall. Rheinfall with rainbow: I include this picture only because of the beautiful rainbow. View from our apartment: On a good day, this is the view from the bathroom window of our apartment. Notice the Alps...  

  Hotel Schweizerhaus: A beautiful hotel in the Engadine valley.  Located in the city of Maloja, where we started our walk along the upper Engadine lakes. Modern home: Although this is a modern house in Maloja, you can see how it is decorated in the traditional style--- adorned with line drawings and geometric figures.  Very beautiful. More Maloja Homes: The big one is probably a hotel. Engadine Mountains Mist: The mist kept coming and going as we walked.  One minute it would be clear, the next minute you could hardly see.  

  Pure mountain water The trail: As you can see, our trail wound along the side of the mountain, keeping us close to the lake. Engadine mountain stream Isola: The town of Isola, mid-way point on our walk, is nestled in the arms of the mountains ahead. Closer look at Isola: Here I zoomed in on Isola.  

  Hut and stream Stone pile: We saw many of these. Goodbye, Isola: A view from Isola as we left it.  Notice the steers between the two houses --- those were the only living things we saw in the whole town! Textoing Emily: Me sending one of many text messages to Emily, who was in Italy with her brother. Small plant: A close-up of a darling little plant; it was about an inch around.  

  Island in the lake Mom in the forest: where she belongs. Grave: Beautiful grave built into the stone.  Notice the engravings are in Romansch, the Latin dialect spoken only in  this region. End of our walk: That little town was more or less the end of our walk. Mom relishes lake  

  Niko to the rescue View of the Engadine beach, where we said goodbye to the lake. Nietzsche House: Apparently, Nietzsche lived here for some time. Checking the train schedules...: ...on the way to Montreux Freddy Mercury: Freddy Mercury apparently had a recording studio in Montreux and loved the place.  I guess they love him too!  

  Musicians: These cute little sculptures were everywhere, probably for the christmas market going on then. View from Montreux: It was like a summer day in Montreux --- we walked alongside the lake to the Château de Chillon, here is a picture from that walk. Swans: There are Swans in Montreux's lake as well. Across Montruex Lake: Across Montruex lake lie these beautiful mountains. Me and castle: You can see the Château de Chillon in the distance --- I became rather obsessed with getting the "perfect" picture of it.  Of course, I failed, but you will now have to suffer through many of my attempts, mentally combining them into the picture I wanted. In the end, I think Mom's pictures were best!  

  Raven in tree Swiss build ugly things too: Proof that even Montreux has its share of ugly buildings... but at least they have beautiful backdrops! Château de Chillon, framed: Mom took this nice picture of the castle framed by trees. Château de Chillon: taken by mom  

  Château de Chillon: Probably my best shot, just wish the castle were a touch bigger. Would-be perfect picture of Chillon: If only the color balance on the sea were right! Ducky: Emily's favorite kind of duck was also there to greet us Bears: Symbols of the Bernese, who held Chillon for many years. Window in the dungeon: The dungeon of Château de Chillon was quite incredible; here you can see the light filtering in through an arrow slit  

  Vaulted ceiling: Vaulted ceiling of Chillon's underground dungeon. The Window: Mom and I spent a while trying to get the perfect picture of this gorgeous window and the mountains outside it.  She took this one, and I think it may be the best. Window with flash: I took this; it provides a lovely view of the outside, but I think the flash loses some of the mystery.  I included it so that you could see the decoration  the window in its full detail. Mom Window #2: Another of mom's; I like the way her picture captures the brown color window picture: My favorite window picture of those that I took.  

  Tapestry: Showing the Pheonix, dragon, and other creatures. Duke's Quarters: View out the window from the duke's quarters.  Notice the faded paintings still on the walls, first drawn centuries ago. Duke's window: Another shot of the view from the Duke's window, including the guard's walkway and the mountain behind. View of the city of Montreux from the castle keep.  The road running on the right hand side is what this castle was built for: it used to be one of few trading passes through the alps, and the owner of this castle levied the tariffs on it! View from the keep of one of the castle's courtyards.  

  View from the keep of the mountains beyond.  

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