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  Achata Beach Amoopi Beach Grouchy Bouzouki playing Back in Pigadia  

  Now Christoph and Teresa are in town Mmm Greek Frappe G-G Homies Unite Takingt the boat to Olymbos Karpathos pics from the boat  

  Olymbos T,C, E and N The four of us  

  Wearing Olymbos headscarves Church in Olymbos Church Interior  

  Teresa was the Olymbos photographer  

  Lunch on the Terrace Emily is happy Niko is happy  

  Teresa is happy So what's up, Christoph? Silliness with beers Teresa and Christoph  

  Professional Snorklers at Achata! Don't we clean up nicely after a day at the beach? The worry beads come out at the bar  

  Let me try Forget it, let's just drink Driving to Apella  

  Our rental car Apella Free wireless outside the internet cafe  

  Happy Birthday Teresa! The Caputo's were also in town Volada Lefkos  

  I am woman, hear me roar Is Niko thinking about his research? I am computer scientist, hear me code  

  Rock throwing was very popular View from Othos Pomegranate tree  

  Othos Happy Birthday Christoph Wow, Christoph got worry beads. King Niko dubs Sir Christoph outside the house  

  More Amoopi Beach Check out that wind Teresa's book was a casualty of the wind Beachtime is so exhausting  

  Emilia makes us Bulgarian pita N and E with the Bulgarians Emilia, Suzie, and Michaelis  

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