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  Nyhavn, this area used to bustle with sailors, taverns and prostitutes in the 18th century. Brr, it's cold Hans Christian Andersen's house Oldest house in Nyhavn  

  Frederick's Church The street where Emily would choose to live in Copenhagen Royal Navy Housing- there barracks were built in the 19th and navy personnel have lived there ever since  

  Palace in the park where the crown jewels are held  

  Going up the Round Tower As you can see, the Round Tower doesn't have stairs to the top. It has a curved ramp! view from the Round Tower Is Niko channeling Tycho Brahe?  

  Exterior of the Round Tower Stroget- the main pedestrian shopping area Somehow I don't think this advertisement means the same thing in Danish as it does in English  


  Nyhaven with fresh snow and sunshine  

  The Little Mermaid Statue  

  Denmark is cold in January  

  Ugly modern Danish design Copenhagen City Hall We walked through a white sqawl of a blizzard to the Viking Boat Museum in Roskilde We had very little visibility  

  Niko in Viking garb at the museum It stopped snowing by the time we finished visiting the museum A less snowy view of the fjord-side museum Roskilde Winter is much prettier when snow is not flying in your face.  

  The natives come out to play I love the Danish word for "book". This was our favorite cafe in Copenhagen. It was a great place to thaw and relax  


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