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  More Lille entrance to Lycee Pasteur, the school where I taught My old pre-Niko apartment Vieux Lille  

  Vieux Lille, historic part of the city Grande Place in LILLE Two old married couples Sophie and Emily at the reception, with CHAMPAGNE!!!! Photo with the witnesses  

  Photo with the families Happily married Giving the mayor my John Hancock Sealing the deal Emily and Marie, Sophie's two witnesses  

  The mayor, officiant of the ceremony Portrait of Chirac even though he is no longer the president Sophie and Florent Sophie and Florent in front of the town hall where they are about to be married Place des Oignons  

  Catherdral Notre Dame de la Treille. Half of it was destroyed during WWII and then the locals rebuilt the missing parts with a modern look Grande Place with the old  Bourse and the old Belfry another view of the Grande Place Niko and I with Sophie and her brother Matthieu in front of the old Bourse The old Bourse  

  The old belfry. All Flemish towns have a belfry.  

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