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  Vilnius Coat of Arms  


  South Gate to the Old City with the Lithuania Coat of Arms  

  Former Jewish Quarter in Vilnius Former Jewish Cemetery  

  Vilnius park the Lock Bridge: Newlywed couples put a lock on this bridge to solidify their unions  

  Lock another lock Newlywed couple putting their lock on the bridge Uzupio Artist Colony on the River  

  Once a year beer pours from this fountain In the artist colony  

  constitution in the artist's colony  

  Soviet era statues  

  Taking the train to Kaunas Gotta love Lithuanian trains  

  We stumbled upon a market in Kaunas  

  Downtown Kaunas Kaunas Old Town  


  Castle remains in Kaunas  

  We walked along the river to get back to the train station  

  How fitting- we got room 22! Coffees near the university  

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