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  Statue outside of King's College.  While the King once held a mighty sword, some enterprising young student crept up in the 50s and replaced it with a wooden chair leg.  It has remained like that ever since. Road outside King's College, where Sriram goes. King's College lawn, and a row of cute little school kids straight out of Harry Potter.  They were headed to their end-of-term church service, poor devils. King's College chapel and lawn. Crazy English signs.  This doesn't make any sense to me.  

  Corpus Christi clock.  Very cool.  It speeds up and slows down to mimic our experience of time, but eventually always synchronizes.  Entirely mechanical with no electronics. Emily and Brynn in front of one of Cambridge's many very small doors. Lawn of some Cambridge college or other. Blurry I know, but I found this sign hilarious!  Now!  Up to 2 years in prison!  Also: 2 years in prison?  For talking on a cell phone while driving?  Are they serious? Castle which we mistakenly took for Arundel castle.  Turns out this one is closed to the public.  

  Arundel castle.  We arrived one weekend or two before it opened.  Doh! Arundel castle again. Alka photographing. The only shot of Sriram I actually took. Us in front of Arundel castle.  

  Oh those English!  When will they learn what words mean?  This was displayed in a butcher shop window. I theorize that this sign exists solely so that tourists can take pictures of it.  Not wanting to deprive it of its purpose, I obliged. Funny sign near Brighton. What on Earth is a Pebbly  

  Me sliding down pebble hill. Me looking stunningly handsome as always. We found this warning about the strength of the British sun rather amusing. Cute little house across from a pub. The town of  

  Canterbury Cathedral and modern acoutrements. Yet another tiny little door. Canterbury Cathedral from close up. Canterbury Cathedral from inside.  

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