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  Our first glimpse of Fribourg cathedral. Us from the top of the cathedral. Mountains in the distance, as seen from the top of the Fribourg cathedral. The lower part of Fribourg as seen from the top of the cathedral.  

  View from top of the cathedral with the mountains in the distance. The cathedral spires. Funky statue of a man carrying a boy.  There are lots of statues around Fribourg, many dating from medieval or renaissance times (or replicas thereof).  Who knows when this one was built, though! View of lower Fribourg as seen from the top of the suspended bridge.  

  Panorama view of lower Fribourg as seen from the top of the suspended bridge.  A bit blurry. Us on top of the suspended bridge. Cool statue of a lady giving alms. Some saint I suppose.  I liked the colors. A convent.  

  Replica of a medieval statue that tops a fountain.  Original is in a museum. Detail of a mother and daughter statue. View of the cathedral from lower Fribourg.  The bridge we are on is visible in the pictures from the top of the cathedral; it's the one that spans the river by the big white building. View of the suspended bridge and a little of the (once) German-speaking part of Fribourg.  This river officially marks the boundary between French and German speaking Switzerland, as I understand. Emily by the covered bridge.  

  Me indicating the cathedral which, by the way, is named St. Nicholas. Funky soldier dude with sword.  Replica of medieval fountainhead. Suspended bridge, note the sheep clustered about the right-most leg. Covered bridge taken from under the suspended bridge. View of the castles which climb up the mountain side from the valley.  

  Pretty flowers were everywhere. Lovely view of a medieval fountain and the cathedral from a square. Tres cool cafe where Emily and I sat and had a coffee. Funny logo on a fancy restaurant. Pretty trees.  

  View from below of what I think is the Hotel de Ville (city hall). Rather amusing poster. Rather racy medieval statue from the top of a fountain!  Ooh la la! Warrior dude who reminded me of Hercules. Cool stork statue.  

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