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  Roadside fruit stand.  Watermelons were 2 lei (about 75 cents)! Emily taking photos from car window. Nuclear power was everywhere in Romania.  We particularly liked this plant, situated in a corn field. Roadside diner where we got some surprisingly good coffee Funky church, I believe Romanian Orthodox style.  

  Emily fell in love with these Transylvanian houses we saw everywhere, with their neat eaves and woodwork. Just arrived in Brasov and out to explore! Roundabout near the center of town, with Brasov's name Colorful main boulevard. Central square in Brasov.  Ahead is the Black Church (so called because of a fire that turned the walls black).  Tothe right is the townhall  

  Enjoying a beer. The photographer self-documents. Town hall. Lest you think she's a teetotaler. Narrowest street in Europe,  

  Synagogue. A peek beind the door reveals the courtyard within.  I love that about old cities. Katerina's gate, the main gate to Brasov in the old days.  Romanians were not generally permitted through here, only Saxons. Old watch tower refitted with glass pyramid a la Louvre. Gate usable by Romanians, only a block away from the main one.  

  Nice color from sun. Pretty old stonework, and an inscription mentioning shoes. Misty mountain hop. There were many old funky cars around. Cemetary near the Orthodox Church (St. Nicholas)  

  First school taught in the Romanian language, attached to the Orthodox Church St. Nicholas Church Brasov City Seal. Funky haystacks that we saw all over. Cows regularly crossed the road.  

  View of Bran castle in the distance. Lovely example of the Translyvanian woodwork that Emily adored. Old cross inscribed with Romanian using a Cyrllic alphabet.  Near Bran castle. Entrance to Bran castle, often referred to as  Courtyard in Bran castle.  

  Your narrators. Funky tile work on the old-school furnace. Beautiful house with green roof located at the foot of Bran castle. Another house at the foot of the Bran castle, this one with a collapsed roof. View of Rasnov, the  

  View of the approach to Rasnov walls. Canon re-used as a trashcan. View from Rasnov citadel of Carpathian mountains, and of course us! Me. View of Rasnov spread out below the citadel.  Note the nuclear power plant in the upper-right-hand corner.  

  Us at the peak of the citadel. View from Rasnov citadel. View from Rasnov citadel. View of the walk up to Sighisoara old town. One of the remaining defensive towers in Sighisoara.  Unfortunately, I don't remember which one it was!  

  Streets of Sighisoara citadel.  In the distance you can see the church spire. The street our hotel was on. A statue of Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Dracula.  I am supposed to be holding a cape, and Emily's biting.  Or something. Sighisoara clock tower.  

  View from the citadel of a beautiful Orthodox church. View of Sighisoara clock tower. Covered stairs that lead up to the Sighisoara church and school.  Makes it easier for people in the wintertime. Us in front of the covered stairs in Sighisoara. The last defensive tower which is still inhabited.  I found it very charming, like a gnome's residence.  

  Typical Romanian village: houses clustered along the highway.  (Yes, that road is the highway) Ramshackle shacks nestled amongst beautiful lush green mountainside. The Saxon fortified church of Biertan. Inside the Biertan crypt. Biertan tower.  

  Me at the top of a Biertan tower. Me at the top of a Biertan tower. View of Emily from the top of the tower.  She didn't want to come up.  Something about the creaky, rotten wooden stairs did not inspire confidence. View from Biertan. Most if not all of the houses had twin crosses on them.  

  Cattle-crossing! In Germanic towns, it's common to name buildings.  I liked this one: Some unknown fortified church or citadel we saw from the road. Many towns in Romania had funky, 50s-fashion-looking place markers like this one.  Unfortunately, we generally forgot to take photos until it was too late. View of fields and Carpathian mountains as we approach the Transfagarasan road.  

  View from a Shining-esque resort we stopped at on the way up the Transfagarasan road.  The place was full of long shadows and creepy sounds.  But the view was lovely! Misty mountain hop part 2.  Transfagarasan road. View back towards the north, where we came from. Cliffside with trees along Transfagarasan road. A river runs down the side of the mountain.  

  We stop for a break near the sources of the river. Some farmers still live up here in the mountains. Road snaking back down the mountain. Mountain lake. Crazy Prometheus statue that's on top of the Vidraru dam.  

  Vidraru dam.  See statue near the top. Poenari castle.  We climbed up there.  Built by Vlad Tepes as a protective fortress against the Turks. Poenari castle from the foot of the climb (1480 steps lead up). In Poenari castle. Us at the top of Poenari castle.  

  Me at Poenari castle. Me at Poenari castle, looking out. More of us.  We went a little tripod crazy. View of the road from Poenari castle. Poenari castle itself, flying the Romanian colors.  

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