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  Flying to Karpathos from Rhodes. J came too. C sat in front of us Small little plane Karpathos from the air!  

  Looking good in Snorkel gear. Apella in all its sandy glory. Check out that rad beach tent Emily and Niko This is supposed to be us doing something  

  Emily reads in the shade. Smile! Ah, beach reading! T reads Solo, C reads Ivanhoe.  Hmm. Achata beach looking beautiful as always. Crystal-clear blue water at Achata beach  

  C, intrepid explorer, surveying Achata beach. T looking jovial. C, intrepid explorer, barely making it back to Achata beach. C swims into my otherwise perfect picture.  Jerk. I think this picture accurately captures our personalities: E and T looking rather normal, Josh flexing, and C skulking about, swimming while wearing a hat.  

  T and Emily swimming about. Emily, T, and... some guy. It's flying! It's flying? Or, not... Two honeys, one chair Emily and Niko after snorkeling.  Check out that mighty zoom!  

  Girls Night in Pigadia. Girls Night in Pigadia with flash. T and C We are so strong Boys Night in Pigadia.  

  Everybody Night in Pigadia. Niko and Emily Night in Pigadia. More perfect blue water The photographer never gets enough photos taken of themselves Us  

  Us Again Achata Panorama View from a rock at Achata The house The harbor  

  Pigadia Coffee in Pigadia Emily at Coffee Shop Sunset over the rocks in Pigadia Me enjoying Greek coffee  

  Us in Pigadia Dinner at home! Sunset behind a minaret in Rhodes City Our favorite cafe in Rhodes, Cafe Karpathos!  

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