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  We stopped for lunch at this completely empty restaurant.  They brought us massive quantities of pasta; enough that it had to be served in a separate side table.  The waiter would come by periodically and refill our plates.  Delicious!  

  This counts as Piazza Archimedes fountain in Syracuse.  

  Very cool duomo (cathedral) built on the ruins of a temple to Athena.  You can see still see the old Greek columns built into the walls. Duomo from the outside.  Note the original ancient Greek columns in the side wall. Outer wall of Syracuse.  

  Emily with Granita at ancient ruins. Ruins of the theater. Ancient quarry from which the stone for the town was extracted.  Also the prison where the 9,000+ prisoners from the Athenian invasion were kept until they perished.  

  Square in Taormina that reminded us of Aperi in Karpathos. Ancient Greek theater in Taormina; in fact, a lot of the remains are Roman.  When they arrived they  

  Best canolis ever.  Even Bill Clinton ate one apparently (his signature's on the inside). Driving to the airport, we had plenty of chances to observe the Italian tendency to invent new lanes.  

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