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  T and C meet D N meets Daphne Daphne in her hospital crib Side-view of Daphne in her crib Daphne asleep  

  Daphne's beautiful face Daphne snuggled with her papa Nap time Gifts from friends Only in Switzerland: the hotel breakfast came equipped with delicious Swiss cheeses. Normally there was Appenzeller, our favorite, but not this particularly day when the photo was taken.  

  Daphne's outfit as she left the hospital. The pants are a little long for her legs; at one point she had both legs stuck in one pant leg. Daphne meets Nana. Daphne meets Pop. Hello, Daphne!  

  Pop and granddaughter. Daphne arrives at home and takes a nap in her new bed! Daphne's first nap at home. Daphne meets Pappou. Daphne meets her uncle.  

  Daphne meets her aunt. Daphne on Papa's chest. Good morning sleepyhead.  

  Daphne getting weighed.  She loves it. Daphne after midwife visit. The gripping reflex. So cute! Daphne's favorite sleeping position: arms up to either side.  

  In front of our apartment, using the stroller for the first time. Off we go! Destination of first stroller outing: Starbucks for a well-deserved Frappuccino and brownie.  

  Good morning, Daphne! Are you hungry? Mom and daughter napping.  

  Milk coma. Sleepyhead.  

  Emily and I took a trip to the park together, carrying Daphne in a sling. What we call  

  The thinker.  

  Daphne's second bath (first was in the hospital). Daphne with her birthweek cake.  

  Daphne meets A and S.  

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