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  Emily's collection of things Niko loves. Fighter pilot hat. Hungry baby. H monokaltsi.  

  Animal print paciphier: we call it the Yiayia pacifier! Whenever she wears her fighter pilot hat, after a while she manages to get it turned like this. Sleeping at six weeks old.  

  Asleep on the changing table. Rattle feet!  


  Toys! Oh, toys! Bottle-feeding.  


  Standing at city hall; Daphne got hungry while I was there, so I had to feed her at the counter while she was in the Baby Bjorn! At Rathaus cafe.  

  Seven weeks old! Feeding at the Polyterasse.  


  In her crib: look how much she's grown! She barely fits. Cute bird shirt. With Malcolm.  

  Goodbye event at the Arboretum. With newborn Lilja.  

  Her new thing: chewing on her lip. 8 weeks! 8 weeks! 8 weeks! 8 weeks!  

  8 week nap. You're a grouchy pumpkin but you're so cute... At Bertabar.  


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