For the past year or so, I and a few others have been iterating on some tutorial slides for learning Rust. I’ve given this tutorial here at the local Boston Rust Meetup a few times, and we used the same basic approach at RustConf; I’ve been pretty happy with the results. But until now it’s been limited to “in person” events.

That’s why I’m so happy to announce a new site, Into Rust. Into Rust contains screencasts of many of these slides, and in particular the ones I consider most important: those that cover Ownership and Borrowing, which I think is the best place to start teaching Rust. I’ve divided up the material into roughly 30min screencasts so that they should be relatively easy to consume in one sitting – each also has some associated exercises to help make your knowledge more concrete.

I want to give special thanks to Liz Baillie, who did all the awesome artwork on the site.