Wow! The response to the last Rustc Reading Club was overwhelming – literally! We maxed out the number of potential zoom attendees and I couldn’t even join the call! It’s clear that there’s a lot of demand here, which is great. We’ve decided to take another stab at running the Rustc Reading Club, but we’re going to try it a bit differently this time. We’re going to start by selecting a smaller group to do it a few times and see how it goes, and then decide how to scale up.

The ask

Here is what we want from you. If you are interested in the Rustc Reading Club, fill sign up on the form below!

Rustc reading club signup form

Start small…

As Doc Jones announced in her post, we’re going to hold our second meeting on December 2, 2021 at 12PM EST (see in your timezone). Read her post for all the details on how that’s going to work! To avoid a repeat of last time, this meeting will be invite only – we’re going to “hand select” about 10-15 people from the folks who sign up, looking for a range of experience and interests. The reason for this is that we want to try out the idea with a smaller group and see how it goes.

…and scale!

Presuming the club is a success, we would love to have more active clubs going on. My expectation is that we will have a number of rustc reading clubs of different kinds and flavors – for example, a recorded club, or a club that is held on Zulip instead of Zoom, or clubs in other languages.1 As we try out new ideas, we’ll make sure to reach out to people who signed up on the google form, so please do sign up if you are interested!

  1. In fact, if you’re really excited, you don’t need to wait for us – just create a zoom room and invite your friends to read some code! Or leave a message in #rustc-reading-club on zulip, I bet you’d find some takers.