Async Vision Doc Writing Sessions III

29 March 2021

Ryan Levick and I are hosting a number of public drafting sessions scheduled this week. Some of them are scheduled early to cover a wider range of time zones.

Tue at 14:30 ETNikowrapping C++ async APIs in Rust futures and other tales of interop
Wed at 10:00 ETNikopicking an HTTP library and similar stories
Wed at 15:00 ETNikostructured concurrency and parallel data processing
Thu at 07:00 ETRyandebugging and getting insights into running services
Fri at 07:00 ETRyanlack of a polished common implementations of basic async helpers
Fri at 14:30 ETNikobridging sync and async

If you’re available and those stories sound like something that interests you, please join us! We’re particlarly interested in having people join who have had related experiences, as the goal here is to capture the details from people who’ve been there.

In some cases, it may be helpful if you’ve had similar experiences but in other ecosystems:

  • For example, people who’ve used Kotlin’s coroutines would be most welcome on the Wed sesssion discussing structured concurency.
  • Similarly, folks who have used debuggers for other sorts of async systems (such as node.js or C#) would probably have useful info to share on Ryan’s Thusday session.

If you would like to join, ping me or Ryan on Discord or Zulip and we’ll send you the Zoom link. If you’ve already joined a previous session, the link is the same as before.

The vision…what?

Never heard of the async vision doc? It’s a new thing we’re trying as part of the Async Foundations Working Group:

We are launching a collaborative effort to build a shared vision document for Async Rust. Our goal is to engage the entire community in a collective act of the imagination: how can we make the end-to-end experience of using Async I/O not only a pragmatic choice, but a joyful one?

Read the full blog post for more.