This is an exciting week for the vision doc! As of this week, we are starting to draft “shiny future” stories, and we would like your help! (We are also still working on status quo stories, so there is no need to stop working on those.) There will be a blog post coming out on the main Rust blog soon with all the details, but you can go to the “How to vision: Shiny future” page now.

This week, Ryan Levick and I are going to be hosting four Async Vision Doc Writing Sessions. Here is the schedule:

When Who Topic
Wed at 07:00 ET Ryan TBD
Wed at 15:00 ET Niko Shiny future – Niklaus simulates hydrodynamics
Fri at 07:00 ET Ryan TBD
Fri at 14:00 ET Niko Shiny future – Portability across runtimes

The idea for shiny future is to start by looking at the existing stories we have and to imagine how they might go differently. To be quite honest, I am not entirely how this is going to work, but we’ll figure it out together. It’s going to be fun. =) Come join!