My week is very scheduled, so I am not able to host any public drafting sessions this week – however, Ryan Levick will be hosting two sessions!

When Who
Wed at 07:00 ET Ryan
Fri at 07:00 ET Ryan

If you’re available and those stories sound like something that interests you, please join him! Just ping me or Ryan on Discord or Zulip and we’ll send you the Zoom link. If you’ve already joined a previous session, the link is the same as before.

Extending the schedule by two weeks

We have previously set 2021-04-30 as the end-date, but I proposed in a recent PR to extend that end date to 2021-05-14. We’ve been learning how this whole vision doc thing works as we go, and I think it seems clear we’re going to want more time to finish off status quo stories and write shiny future before we feel we’ve really explored the design space.

The vision…what?

Never heard of the async vision doc? It’s a new thing we’re trying as part of the Async Foundations Working Group:

We are launching a collaborative effort to build a shared vision document for Async Rust. Our goal is to engage the entire community in a collective act of the imagination: how can we make the end-to-end experience of using Async I/O not only a pragmatic choice, but a joyful one?

Read the full blog post for more.