This Monday I am starting something new: a monthly meeting called the “Cross Team Collaboration Fun Times” (CTCFT)1. Check out our nifty logo2:


The meeting is a mechanism to help keep the members of the Rust teams in sync and in touch with one another. The idea is to focus on topics of broad interest (more than two teams):

  • Status updates on far-reaching projects that could affect multiple teams;
  • Experience reports about people trying new things (sometimes succeeding, sometimes not);
  • “Rough draft” proposals that are ready to be brought before a wider audience.

The meeting will focus on things that could either offer insights that might affect the work you’re doing, or where the presenter would like to pose questions to the Rust teams and get feedback.

I announced the meeting some time back to, but I wanted to make a broader announcement as well. This meeting is open for anyone to come and observe. This is by design. Even though the meeting is primarily meant as a forum for the members of the Rust teams, it can be hard to define the borders of a community like ours. I’m hoping we’ll get people who work on major Rust libraries in the ecosystem, for example, or who work on the various Rust teams that have come into being.

The first meeting is scheduled for 2021-05-17 at 15:00 Eastern and you will find the agenda on the CTCFT website, along with links to the slides (still a work-in-progress as of this writing!). There is also a twitter account @RustCTCFT and a Google calendar that you can subscribe to.

I realize the limitations of a synchronous meeting. Due to the reality of time zones and a volunteer project, for example, we’ll never be able to get all of Rust’s global community to attend at once. I’ve designed the meeting to work well even if you can’t attend: the goal is have a place to start conversations, not to finish them. Agendas are annonunced well in advance and the meetings are recorded. We’re also rotating times – the next meeting on 2021-06-21 takes place at 21:00 Eastern time, for example.3

Hope to see you there!


  1. In keeping with Rust’s long-standing tradition of ridiculous acronyms. 

  2. Thanks to @Xfactor521! 🙏 

  3. The agenda is still TBD. I’ll tweet when we get it lined up. We’re not announcing that far in advance! 😂