Next CTCFT Meeting: 2021-09-20

30 August 2021

Hold the date! The next Cross Team Collaboration Fun Times meeting will be 2021-09-20. We’ll be using the “Asia-friendly” time slot of 21:00 EST.

What will the talks be about?

A detailed agenda will be announced in a few weeks. Current thinking however is to center the agenda on Rust interest groups and domain working groups, those brave explorers who are trying to put Rust to use on all kinds of interesting domains, such as game development, cryptography, machine learning, formal verification, and embedded development. If you run an interest group and I didn’t list your group here, perhaps you want to get in touch! We’ll be talking about how these groups operate and how we can do a better job of connecting interest groups with the Rust org.

Will there be a social hour?

Absolutely! The social hour has been an increasingly popular feature of the CTCFT meeting. It will take place after the meeting (22:00 EST).

How can I get this on my calendar?

The CTCFT meetings are announced on this google calendar.

Wait, what about August?

Perceptive readers will note that there was no CTCFT meeting in August. That’s because I and many others were on vacation. =)