CTCFT 2021-11-22 Agenda

15 November 2021

The next “Cross Team Collaboration Fun Times” (CTCFT) meeting will take place next Monday, on 2021-11-22 at 11am US Eastern Time (click to see in your time zone). Note that this is a new time: we are experimenting with rotating in an earlier time that occurs during the European workday. This post covers the agenda. You’ll find the full details (along with a calendar event, zoom details, etc) on the CTCFT website.


This meeting we’ve invited some of the people working to integrate Rust into the Linux kernel to come and speak. We’ve asked them to give us a feel for how the integration works and help identify those places where the experience is rough. The expectation is that we can use this feedback as an input when deciding what work to pursue and what features to prioritize for stabilization.

  • (5 min) Opening remarks 👋 (nikomatsakis)
  • (40 min) Rust for Linux (ojeda, alex, wedsonaf)
    • The Rust for Linux project is adding Rust support to the Linux kernel. While it is still the early days, there are some areas of the Rust language, library, and tooling where the Rust project might be able to help out - for instance, via stabilization of features, suggesting ways to tackle particular problems, and more. This talk will walk through the issues found, along with examples where applicable.
  • (5 min) Closing (nikomatsakis)

Afterwards: Social Hour

After the CTCFT this week, we are going to try an experimental social hour. The hour will be coordinated in the #ctcft stream of the rust-lang Zulip. The idea is to create breakout rooms where people can gather to talk, hack together, or just chill.