New Layout, and now using Hugo!

19 September 2023

Some time ago I wrote about how I wanted to improve how my blog works. I recently got a spate of emails about this – thanks to all of you! And a particular big thank you to Luna Razzaghipour, who went ahead and ported the blog over to use Hugo, cleaning up the layout a bit and preserving URLs. It’s much appreciated! If you notice something amiss (like a link that doesn’t work anymore), I’d be very grateful if you opened an issue on the babysteps github repo! Thanks!

Hugo seems fast so far, although I will say that figuring out how to use Hugo modules (so that I could preserve the atom feed…) was rather confusing! But it’s all working now (I think!). I’m still interested in playing around more with the layout, but overall I think it looks good, and I’m happy to have code coloring on the snippets. Hopefully it renders better on mobile too.